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Here,we provide every type of repairing services of heating and cooling equipment.


Our expert team also provide proper maintenance service at particular time interval.


If any parts of your equipment is not working properly,we can replace it in efficient cost.

Our Mission

Our main focus on customer that from which problem they are facing at a time, and according to them we can provide our services at their home location as well as at commercial area also.

About Us

Premium Heating And AC Repair Redmond

Pollution is now everywhere. It is near factories, in a traffic jam or at any place you can think. Shocking reality is that pollution is in our house too. Yes, inside our house. While you might say that it would be in low amount but it is not. The amount of pollution inside your home is enough to make you sick. Breathing problems, asthma and heart diseases are some of the diseases you can face.
You know that breathing this air daily can give you cancer too. Could you think that living in your house could give you death?
To keep you healthy, Heating and Air Conditioning Redmond has air purifiers. And you now know how important is to install them. Our air purifiers are great for cleaning the air. They remove dirt, pollution, and allergens from the air. Air gives us our life, and our purifiers give health to it.
Not only air purifiers but we have other offers for you. Redmond Heating and Cooling is expert in repairs and services. We install and repair ACs, water heaters, heaters or your air purifiers. We are not saying you to contact us without giving our details. We would provide you enough details about us. These would make you confident in calling us.
Any customer would want to contact people who have experience. We have a good experience of 10 years in the area of repairs. Redmond Heating and Air Conditioning would never do any wrong thing with your AC. You can trust our experience for this.
Let our qualities speak for us. Here is a list of things that help us in keeping our customers satisfied.
• Good management. Our staff is well mannered. We manage our customers perfectly. Giving a visit to your house or while having a call with you, AC Repair Redmond arranges everything smoothly. It is because that we manage well that we are able to give you the best.
• Doorstep service. We give services right at your house or office. Why would you waste your time when we are there for you? We do not want you to waste any time in bringing your AC to our service centre. Instead we would reach you shortly. You might get surprised by finding us so soon in front of your door. Prompt service is our style.

Cooling Services

Here, we are providing all types of cooling services, fan repairing, light repairing, installation, maintenance, replacement etc.

Ventilation Services

We also provide ventilation services at your home location as well as in commercial and industrial area also.

• Free estimate. Your time and money are valuable. It is important for you to be sure before calling us. AC Repair Redmond WA gives a good estimate of your bill on a phone call or e-mail. This would make you satisfied to call us.
• Up to date service. AC Repair Redmond WA keeps services and repairs up to date. You would find our parts with latest technology and brand new. We are known for using original products. We never reuse old parts. We love your appliances as ours and care for them a lot.
• Annual inspections. To keep our appliances working properly, we need to look for damages in them. We have experts who take annual inspection of your appliances. This help in cutting the extra cost of repairs or damage and also reduce the electricity bills.
• Polite staff. Being humble is the key to a great company. You would never find anyone from our staff raising his voice. Your concern and questions are true and we understand this. Redmond Air Conditioning Repair would explain the process, tips, and prices politely. You would feel like being with a family with us. We are proud to welcome you to this family.
• Certified technicians. Redmond Air Conditioning Repair hires only the experienced technicians. Before sending them to your home or office, we give them training. Only a few selected experts visit your home. All you need to do is to contact us and relax. And we take all your problems into our expert hands.
• Simple products. Our products are designed by keeping your comfort in mind. Some products have such a complex working that you want to throw them. But, Heating Repair Redmond only uses simple products. These products will relax you in your home or office.
• Reliable service. Experts to work on damages and services make us trust worthy. You can call us 24*7 and we would be fast in response. We are available to you after the services too. If you have any problem or want us to visit your home again, we would come soon. Our services are our responsibility. Heating Repair Redmond is there to give you any support you want.
You must have developed some confidence in us. We ensure that this faith would never be broken. You are the only reason that our company has reached heights. We are waiting for our turn to return the smiles to you. 

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